Insurance in Thailand

It isn’t complicated. We’ve built our business by putting our clients first.
Everything else simply falls into place.

Who we are


Infinity Insurance Broker (Thailand) Co. an affiliate of Infinity Marketing Solutions Co. Ltd. (Thailand Office) and Infinity Financial Solutions Ltd. (Malaysia). At Infinity, integrity is integral to how we conduct our business. We believe that doing the right thing is key to our professionalism. For over a decade, we have given our clients peace of mind by making their insurance experience pleasant and convenient. Our caring team strives to deliver a variety of products that suit each client’s unique needs and budget. We offer full support to all of our clients and aim always to be your first choice as a trusted insurance broker.




What we do


Since 2005, Infinity has been an independent insurance broker specializing in providing insurance solutions, products and services to individuals and companies in Thailand and beyond. We offer a diverse range of services based on your individual circumstances and needs. Our professional team has extensive expertise in all areas of insurance. We can provide tailor-made solutions designed specifically for you and your business.




Health/Medical insurance

Health should be everyone’s primary concern.

Living without health insurance leaves you unprotected and at risk of severe consequences to both your physical and financial health. Even if you are young and healthy, there will always be the threat of misfortune or unforeseen circumstances. Selecting the best health insurance is critical for the protection of you and your family.

Travel Insurance

You never think you need travel insurance until the unexpected occurs. It is worth the few extra dollars to rest easy knowing that you will be protected while abroad. We have excellent travel insurance options and a wide range of coverage packages to save you from any headaches.


Our life insurance policies are built around providing you with choices. They are designed to allow you the freedom to construct a life insurance plan that fits your needs to perfection. We offer a wide range of policies, including term life, whole of life, pension, critical illness, personal accident and medical insurance. It is safe to say that our service has something for everyone.


Accident insurance can help you rest easy. One fatal accident could lead to injury, dismemberment and loss of life. Accident insurance will help pay for medical costs after an accidental injury. This includes emergency treatment and hospitalization. Personal cover provides 24 hours’ worldwide protection. (*Please note that the definition of certain terms may vary across insurance companies.)


What is your risk of getting cancer? Do you have a strong, family history of cancer? If so, cancer insurance may make sense for you. Cancer insurance was created in response to the increasing rate of cancer diagnoses worldwide and the ever-increasing costs of care and treatment. This insurance is designed to help reduce the financial burden of cancer care.


Why we are different


When it comes to insuring personal and business risk, our team can analyses your risk exposure and provide you with the finest insurance solutions and the most comprehensive coverage. Our number one concern is our clients. You can rest assured that we have the knowledge and the resources to protect what matters most to you.